Prof. Dr. Ashok Kr. Jha

               Higher education is a touchstone by which the progress of a nation is measured. Education plays an important role in molding youngsters to face the challenges of the future. Keeping in view the innumerable employment opportunities in the future, DCM churns out efficient scholars in the field of management so as to fulfill the needs of national and international corporate sector bringing the professional course BBA under Purbanchal University two decades ago. 

There are so many institutions in our country. All of them strive to add some value in an individual’s life. Dharan College of Management (DCM) has been initiated with the vision of enabling the youth of this country to have a purposeful life. The infrastructure provided by the college is of high quality to match the standard and excellence. Emphasis has been laid for the conceptual and analytical genesis of teaching and learning methodology. Students are prepared to meet the global challenges in the trust and emerging areas for their global functional exposer to encounter the latest trends in industry, commerce, corporate and government sectors. 

The professional course BBA offered by our college not only enable the students to develop a gamut of skills but also apply them to real world problems, thus fast tracking their career. The processes of teaching, training and evaluation follow the modern and advanced education system which makes the education system at Dharan in sync the latest trends in technology, commerce and management.

 I hope the students who step into this institution would use the facilities available and attain their goals.

 I wish all the very best.


Management Committee