Mr. Raj Bimal Shrestha

Why do people trust in Private Institutions ? 

The issue of trust has been increasingly called into question in this era of competition. When we ask people in Nepal about their confidence levels in public or governmental institutions, only few may stay positive. At least in our context, it is no real surprise that private institutions are widely trusted and it comes out as a larger percentage, especially when the field is education. Despite some criticisms, the private institutions have set a tremendous performance records so far. Privately owned joint ventures, financial institutions, hospitals, schools and colleges have already proved their professionalism in respective areas and have gained greater acceptance. 

Over the years, almost one and half decades and more, we have been nurturing young citizens with human values and culture at DCM, a private institution for BBA studies affiliated to Purbanchal University. Today we are proud that our youngsters whom we have groomed have secured a good place and position in the fields: higher education, employment and entrepreneurial world. Indeed, they have become globally competent. 

We are still very much conscious about our roles while leading the young dreamers towards the destination of fulfillment. We are updating ourselves with the changing needs of the market and the environment at large. It is our strong commitment too, that DCM shall be architected with all three dimensions of education; attitude, skill and knowledge (ASK) which is also the need of the hour. Furthermore, it is also our conviction that DCM will be the ultimate choice and a career destination for all +2 graduates. 

Mr. Raj Bimal Shrestha

Management Committee