BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

The BBA Program at Dharan College of Management is a four-year (eight semesters), 120 credit-hour bachelor degree program affiliated to Purbanchal University. The main objective of this course is to develop socially reponsible, competent, skilled, confident, and creative  and result oriented professionals to fill up the corporate houses and social organizations and also to promote entrepreneurship in the country.

            The BBA program offers you with the demanded and promising curriculum of international standards that incorporates knowledge from various disciplines like social sciences, mathematics, and management and information technology, The curriculum also provides you the opportunity to learn creative communication, public relation and other interpersonal skills. Throughout, the curriculum emphasizes the development of analytical and problem solving abilities. It first familarizes you with contemporary concepts, tools and techniques of management, and then significantly sharpens your functional expertise in specific management areas like marketing, finance, accounting and information systems. The BBA internship in the seventh semester, equivalent to five credit hours is an integral part of the program. Its objective is to serve as a meaningful practical supplement  to classroom instructuions. Internship over a period of eight to ten weeks is a valuable form of professional training in real organizational setting. It provides you with the opportunity to know your career interest, gain practical knowledge, experience and develop networking.

Career Prospects

The BBA program prepares students for executive career in business and other organizations since it gives its holder an edge in the job market by opening more doors of opportunity. The degree helps the graduate to fulfill potential for high earnings, increased responsibility, and greater personal development while it also helps them to pursue further academic advancement.

Some of the career prospects with BBA

  1. Middle / Front Line Manager
  2. Corporate Manager
  3. Entrepreneur / Self Employed
  4. Academic advancement; MBA & Further

Semester course cycle

SEMESTER I / 15 Credit Hours

F0-101             Business Mathematics

F0-102             English

MGT-103        Financial Accounting-I

F0-104             Business Economics

MGT-105                Principles of Management

SEMESTER II / 15 Credit Hours

F0-201             Business Communication

F0-201             Macro Economic Analysis and Policy

F0-203             Business Statistics

F0-204             Principles of Marketing

MGT-205        Financial Accounting-II

SEMESTER III / 15 Credit Hours

MGT-301        Cost & Management Accounting

MGT-302        Business Finance

MGT-303        Database Management System

MGT-304        Marketing Management

MGT-305        Business Environment of Nepal

SEMESTER IV / 15 Credit Hours

MGT-401        Business Law

MGT-402        Financial Management

MGT-403        Taxation

MGT-404        Human Resource Management

MGT-405        Quantitative Techniques for Business

SEMESTER V / 15 Credit Hours

MGT-501     Research Methodology & Report Writing

MGT-502     Production & Operations Management

MGT-503     Banking & Insurance

MGT-504     Project Management

MGT-505     Organizational Behaviour

SEMESTER VI / 15 Credit Hours

MGT-601        MIS

MGT-602        Public Finance

MGT-603        Total Quality Management

MGT-604        Tourism management

MGT-605        Entrepreneurship Development

SEMESTER VII / 15 Credit Hours

MGT-701        Supply Chain Management

MGT-702        E-Commerce

MGT-703        Internship

SPZ-704           Specialization-I

SPZ-705           Specialization-II

SEMESTER VIII / 15 Credit Hours

MGT-801        International Business

MGT-802        Strategic Management

SPZ-803           Specialization

SPZ-804           Specialization-4

SPZ-805   Specialization-5